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You can order Smoothie&Tea concentrated fruit puree that is supposed to be perfect for making refreshing drinks and desserts, substitute sauce or ice cream topping. The smoothie has natural ingredients that give it natural color, smell of fruit or berries, and a wide range of flavors will allow you to create unique signature recipes. The smoothie perfectly dissolves in fluid, can be combined with hot and cold products. It is supplied in practical plastic box.
Individual benefits for each client
Collect an order from the Miller & Miller (Bar) and Icedream catalogs just call: 8 (800) 333-33-33+7 (495) 665-77-99. We will formulate a favorable commercial offer for you.

Smoothie&Tea concentrated fruit puree under Miller&Miller trademark will help you to diversify the menu and please your customers with new beverages and desserts. The product is environmentally friendly, made from natural fruits, and presented in a variety of taste options.

Tasty, healthy, available

The product has the inclusions of fruits and vegetables, well diluted with water or other liquids. Its taste, color, and smell fully correspond to fruits and berries indicated in the composition. You can order these types of smoothie:

  • Mango-passion fruit;
  • Sea buckthorn berry-ginger;
  • Cranberry-lingonberry-juniper;
  • Raspberry-black currant;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Pear;
  • Kiwi;
  • Strawberry;
  • Sea-buckthorn berry.

These products are perfectly suitable for making refreshing soft drinks, berry juices, warming Sbiten (hot Russian drink of water, honey and spices), cold or hot tea. They can also be used as sauce bases, ice-cream toppings, cereal or dairy supplements.

Smoothies are made in our Moscow laboratory under the supervision of the experienced specialists. The high quality of the finished product is constantly monitored by them.

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